EESTEC Startup Lab

10-17 March 2014

Dear EESTECers,

As you know, our universities are all aiming to make great workers from us - great engineers, programmers, automation experts etc. However, university classes never teach you one very important thing - entrepreneurship. How to be more than a worker, and maybe even become someone who people work for.

LC Sarajevo proudly presents our next workshop - EESTEC Startup Lab! Through this workshop we aim to teach you exactly that: how to build a great idea from scratch, how to implement this idea, and in the end, how to make other people love it like you do!

The academic part is split into three exciting segments!
First of all, you will attend lectures by people who are professionals at making startups great, These are people from an accelerator program from Sarajevo, who will help you build an idea for an application you will be proud of.
Afterwards, the best ideas will be chosen, and you will be divided into teams which will start prototyping these applications, using the web application framework - Ruby on Rails. Don't know anything about Ruby on Rails? Fear not! Before you actually start working on the application, you will attend lectures on Ruby on Rails, held by highly experienced professionals in the field.
The last part of the workshop switches back to entrepreneurship, and you will learn the best ways to market your product after it has been fully developed.
On top of all this, you will have the opportunity to get to know Sarajevo, the most hospitable city in the world. It's hard to walk around without being invited for coffee, and it's hard to be invited for coffee without making friends. Popularly called Europe's Jerusalem for its vast cultural and religious diversity, it has been voted by many websites as one of the top 10 destinations to visit in 2014! When you walk through its streets it feels like walking through time, as you see buildings from many periods in one place, from the old to the modern.
A rapper from London visited Sarajevo and loved the city so much, that he even wrote a song about it! You will enjoy our famous cuisine, and of course you will be able to experience Sarajevo's nightlife, and smoke shisha in the mazelike streets of Bascarsija!
The deadline for applying is 05.02.2014.

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